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Urgh. I have a million things to post about. Will later, hopefully.

[EDIT] RE: results - Uh, I've been told before that I live in my own little world. I've gotten to know myself pretty well in the last year or so - nothing like months of introspection to do the trick =| - but I never thought of myself that way so I thought my friends were joking and/or exaggerating. Guess not. Don't know what to make of this, to tell you the truth.


Firefox is an awesome browser. Obvious win over IE - better security, visually more appealing, way more features, much more user-friendly and efficient. Microsoft totally jumped on the tabbing bandwagon for IE7, and eons too late at that.

My favourite feature is the fact that Firefox will save the session and load it back up the next time you open it. Not just the page(s) you happened to be on at the time you shut the browser either, it'll be exactly as you closed it last, including all the pages you browsed before and after in each tab. Amazing stuff. No more bookmarking every single page you need to revisit maybe once in the near future.

Therein lies the problem.

I keep leaving tabs upon tabs open because I need to do a follow-up of some sort at a later time, and being lazy as I am, I leave the following-up until too late and I do something stupid to lose all my tabs. And of course, I'm lucky if I remember even one of the sites that were there.

Damn. I had a whole series of tabs open that I wanted to download things from. Aargh. I could go through my history to figure it out, but guess what. I keep 60 days worth of pages visited. I don't even want to think about how long it's going to take to sift through all of that. Last time I just kinda gave up and forgot about it.

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come again? - act the second


Browsing through f-list again.

Prince of Tennis is OVER?!

What? When? How? Why?

Now I really have to go download chapters.

Must. Resist. Until. Spring. Break. *wills self to go to study for physics test*

Er. Although that doesn't stop any of you from filling me in, possibly?
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cough cough hack

I keep coming with a million things to post about, but I forget just as often. Not to mention that I've had more than enough trouble keeping my godawful life together for the last couple of weeks.

But two posts is pretty miserable for an attempt at keeping a regular journal, even by my standards, so quick post today.

I've been sick since Friday, but I took the day off to sleep and I felt much better yesterday so I thought the worst was over.

Ha, wishful thinking.

I woke up this morning with a bitch of a dry throat - my throat is absolutely raw from coughing all day. I went through a whole freaking box of kleenex - and not those small boxes, I mean those regular-sized ones you keep in your room at home. And I have a million things to do for tomorrow, overdue assignments from the absolute disaster of a week I just had.

I have zero motivation. Sometime in the last few weeks I just stopped giving a shit.

I'm tired. I want to go home. T-minus 11 days. Only in my head, I've been on that plane for a good week now.

God. Am I even going to last that long?

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come again?


So I was going through my f-list, trying to catch up with everyone's lives, and seeing as at least half of you are in the Prince of Tennis fandom (hence the name), I decided to look around a bit to try and get some updates.

... Ryoma has amnesia? What?

I don't quite remember what chapter I read last - it was about the time the three apparently godlike abilities, one of which Tezuka has, were introduced. I think there was also talk of some grand unattainable (but apparently mastered by Ryoma's father, maybe?) power of ultimate invincibility.

(Er, yeah. If that made sense at all. Which I realize it didn't, but you're smarter than me so I have faith that you can figure out what I'm trying to articulate.)

And all this to say: someone update me, please?
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Happy Singles Awareness Day. =_=;;

And Happy Valentine's Day, I guess, to people that actually enjoy the day / have someone to enjoy it with.

I happen to think Valentine's Day is a waste of time. It's right up there with St. Patrick's Day as one of the most useless holidays ever. (Well, except maybe Family Day, starting in Ontario this year for the first year ever - wtf, worst excuse for a statutory holiday ever.) And ironically, it seems to be the catalyst for more than a few break-ups, most of which are probably initiated by jackasses who don't want to pay for presents. I've heard of more than a few cruel break-ups starting a couple of days prior, including one announced by text this morning - the poor girl was apparently crying in the hallway. On that note, hey, I may be jaded (some may even call it slightly bitter *roll eyes*) but at least I wasn't sadistic enough to find it entertaining, unlike some people I talked to today.

Chocolates and cookies are good though. I like those.

Speaking of, I weighed myself today for the first time in months. (I don't pay attention to my weight, I like my healthy appetite.) In any case, I thought I'd gained at least a few pounds since coming to boarding. You know, the "freshman 15" and all, even though I'm technically in high school - but I actually live in my school, the residence is on the upper floors of one of the wings, so I literally walk down a flight of stairs to get to class. (Mind you, I still manage to be really late really often, but. Anyway.) Yeah, to my surprise, I hadn't gained anything. Either the scale I weighed myself on previously was faulty, this current one is, some muscle disappeared and was replaced by fat (most probable), or I actually didn't gain anything. Although I suppose the last one is actually a possibility - I haven't slept well for months, it seems to be the norm while I'm at school. But I swear, my waist has gotten wider, and my jeans have gotten slightly tighter. So I don't know what's happened. Meh. Whatever. I've never cared much about it, and I have no reason to start now. Even less reason actually, it's an all-girls' school.

Okay, I really should go, I have an application due in two hours. As well as like a week's worth of homework due by tomorrow. God. I can't wait until spring break.

And to end this post, the chorus of Arashi's "Step and Go", which I've had stuck in my head for three days straight now and keep wanting to sing at inconvenient times, say in class.

愛しさ 溢れて 光 キラリ 願い
いつまでも 消えない 輝き 両手に
優しさ 集めて 光 キラリ 気づく 時を ずーっと
果てしなく 歩んで 行く

The whole song is really cheery and hopeful, and I really like the light imagery in the lyrics.

can't get it out my head ahhh
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Taking a moment to catch my breath.

Oh my God, it's been so busy today. Well, I'm always running around anyway, I guess. But it's days like these, when I have to stop and actually describe to someone what my schedule's like for the day, that I realize I haven't actually sat down and had a moment to myself for x hours, or on particularly bad periods, days.

I think I'll try to make my LJ posts my little moments of downtime, at least every few days or so. It'll be interesting how this works out, I'm not used to sitting down and talking or writing about my day. God knows I've tried more than once to keep a journal and given up after a few of weeks, max.

But yeah, today was insane.
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Wow, once I start I just can't stop. I really have to learn to be more concise. I have so much more to talk about though. (Maybe this is going to be easier than I thought.) Er, thanks/sorry if you had to read through all of this. You know what, I shall put this under a cut.

Right then, I should get started on getting something done. I'm trying to train myself to get things done ahead of time. Although writing this entry was kind of procrastination in and of itself. At least it was somewhat productive.

PS - Just remembered as I was filling out what I'm listening to; I heard Arashi's "Step and Go" yesterday. I was largely avoiding most of their songs for a few months - I got sick of hearing "Love so sweet", it's catchy but a little dull and it got repetitive really quickly, I don't quite understand why people were obsessed over it for months.


I've been listening to it all day on repeat. From what I've read, most people weren't overly impressed with their single this time, but I find that song strangely addicting. Especially the chorus, where the melody's a little different, and it jumps to an A as they sing "hikari" (光, or light) - there's something about that that I really like. And I like Sho's rap a lot this time - usually I'm indifferent, or I don't enjoy it that much - like the beginning of "Kitto Daijyoubu" - but it's rhythmical and rhymes irregularly in a cool way. ... And I think I know about way too many Arashi (and increasingly Johnny's in general, possibly) songs than is healthy.

Er, I swear I'm not a rabid fangirl. I recently got back on the bandwagon (I followed Arashi for a short period of time a couple years ago) and I've developed a liking for certain groups/members, but I'm not obsessed. Yet. --> Hopefully I don't get to that point.

Okay. Shutting up now for real.
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Last updated: 2007-02-15 04:48:13, 50 weeks ago

Hi everyone. Long time no see.

I looked on my profile information last week. It'd been less than two weeks to a year since I last posted. (Hence the title.) So much has happened since that sometimes it makes my own head spin. I'm nowhere near where I thought I'd find myself, who I thought I'd be, and I can't tell a lot of the time if that's a good thing. But I'd like to believe everything I went through was for the better.

First of all, I'd like to apologize to anybody to whom I couldn't keep my word. Fic exchanges, offers to upload or edit, they all ended up getting thrown to the wayside - for about a good year and half to two years, I had a lot of trouble trying to keep my own life together. That's not an excuse though, I shouldn't have committed to things I wasn't sure I could follow through with in the first place. So I'm sorry. Hopefully, I won't have pissed any of you off to the point where you don't want anything to do with me, and perhaps even give me a chance to start over and make up for screwing up.

And thank you to those who took the time to listen (read, I guess in this case, but what does it matter) and tried to help, lift my spirits up during some rough patches. I re-read my journal as I was going back and making all my previous posts private (except when I uploaded Hice Cool, I've left that intact because the odd person seems to find the page every so often), and even though I haven't met any of you face to face, every small comment of encouragement and support made my day both then and now - I appreciate them all more than words could say.

So here's to a new start. I'm going to try and make this a sort of online journal - post my thoughts throughout the week, make it a regular kind of thing instead of some place to pop in and rant every once in a while. I've never been very good with daily journals or anything of the sort, but I figure it's about time to try again - I figure writing out my thoughts will help me straighten things out, understand things better, be almost therapeutic, even.

I'll have to do a better job though. I started this post a week ago and didn't get to finish it until now. Haha.

Hice Cool

My first offering (and Christmas gift^^) is Hice Cool, the web drama starring tenimyu actors and D-Boys Endou Yuuya (my favourite^^ - Ryoma, now graduated), Yanagi Kotaroh (the first and current Ryoma), Shirota Yuu (current Tezuka) and Adachi Osamu (current Kikumaru). [Thanks to hunniebunnie for the reminder that Adachi was in this one - I'd totally forgotten.]

Yanagi's hurt his leg and can't stay on the school baseball team (and I'm not sure but something similar happened to Shirota's character - he was kicked out of his sports/extracurricular club) so Endou's character decides to make a curling team they can all join... except they live in Okinawa, and that's, to the best of my knowledge, a warm place. On top of that, the vice-principal and his pet teacher do anything in their power to try and stop them. It's pretty funny, and Endou and Shirota are such dorks here, something you never see in the tenimyus. =D By contrast, Yanagi's pretty serious, but some people find that attractive. =P

[EDIT]: By request, I will have a (very likely mangled and distorted) episode-by-episode summary up in the next week or so. Sorry it's taking so long... ... I lied. Unintentionally though. Will get done ASAP. 本当にすみません! (Roughly translated: I'm very sorry!) <-- [2008/03/17] Er, sorry, I lied again. I really would love to find the time, but I'm having trouble just holding my life together. Sorry.

In any case, the first file is the intro or preview, the second is the rest of the episode. Enjoy, and feel free to leave messages if you've downloaded them or you find problems! Encouragements are always good! *^^*

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PS - Let me know if zUpload is problematic. Or if something has expired. Or if you need something reuploaded because your computer/connection is very picky or very stubborn. Etc. You know the drill, I guess. =P

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